(Image courtesy of Pixabay)
La Cañada High School

Poem: I am thankful for…

Home-cooked tofu, crispy and fried,

Dripping with soy sauce with rice on the side,

Tender fish flaky, with a macadamia crust.

More baked olive-brushed brussels? Okay, if I must.


Aunt Jane shows pictures, to Japan she has been.

Uncle Jerry took her to see relatives and kin,

And beautiful places, Japan’s very best,

A magic carpet ride celebrating 46 years blest.


There’s a comfortable din of dishes and clatter,

A happy hum-buzzing of warm family chatter.

Judy bursts in and there’s color and song

As Joe plays piano, and there’s games all night long.


I have something to tell you right from my heart’s core.

Family together, what could I want more?

Love is you with me, peaceful and dear,

Hearts full of thanksgiving for another great year.