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poem: ripped clutter

<a href="" target="_self">Lauren Lee</a>

Lauren Lee

January 15, 2022
clusters of granola and cane sugar swarm, densely 

coating the thumping heart

gurgling rancid pomegranate seeds and flaky scales of fish


oil pools slovenly on the oceanic floor

it drips steadily into the fetid waters, 

moments before pinguid bubbles rise


misshapen yellowed teeth lodged in cascading spirals 

leer from its burrows within the strained pink flesh

the stomach echoes of past groans and misery


a black viscous pool 

squirms in delight at the tiny waves 

Sloshing when the groans emits


its layers of aged milk skin, of putrid tonsilloliths

lie in wait


for the minute

food or drink 

no longer showers down

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