(Illustration by Lauren Lee)
La Cañada High School

Poem: stained jacket

dripping sunlight wrapped around drifting clouds

golden threads shoot misty blues

color yourself in happiness, brew  


shatters of apple-green and blood-stained dew

choked fists beats, then repeats 


Spokes of buttery sparks leaves angle prints on the foundation

of a deserted wilting atrium 

Alien green dotted handkerchiefs mangle into oblivion, sound


the ripples of heaving breaths and 

rip your tears into intoxicating sprinkles of rose-white 


Deep within the tenebrous knothole of trees

Smoky black wings flicker by, 

plunging and wrapping the sky with swirls of blooming night, hear 


Rock crushed into billowing waves kissed by oiled acrylic smears

Dance, dance, far and wild into the watery light