President Trump announces he and first lady test positive for the coronavirus

President Donald Trump announced that he and his wife Melania Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus, he wrote in a tweet posted after midnight EST on October 2.

Just a few hours earlier, Hope Hicks, one of Trump’s close advisors, tested positive for coronavirus. Hicks’ was described as being achy and feeling “pretty bad,” according to CNN.

They could have contracted the virus from the staffers of the White House who had tested positive earlier in the year, or they could have contracted the virus from Trump supporters at his rallies. With Trump and his supporters not regularly wearing masks in public, there is a high chance of contraction of the virus between them.

“Well, so far we have had no problem whatsoever. It’s outside. That’s a big difference according to the experts,” Trump said at the presidential debate.

He continued to emphasize that his large rallies had no negative effects because they were outside.

Now, with the news of his and others’ positive coronavirus cases, he may now be questioning rallies without many having masks on. In a Fox interview, he speculated that Hicks probably contracted the virus from a supporter. 

When President Trump first heard of Hicks’s positive test, instead of listening to his coronavirus task force, he went against them and continued to attend rallies where most of his supporters did not have masks on nor did they social distance.

But now, knowing of their own case, the FLOTUS has postponed all upcoming engagements until further notice. Trump and her have already started his two-week quarantine to follow the CDC’s guidelines on coronavirus exposure. 

There may be leftists who oppose wearing masks; however, the majority of mask opposers are right-winged. Conservatives believe that masks mandates infringe on personal liberties. As well as that, many of them do not think too seriously about the virus as they called COVID-19 “a democratic hoax.” 

Many democrats reacted to the news of Trump’s positive testing by stating it is karma for not being more ready to protect American citizens from this dangerous virus.

Trump had said at the debate on Sept. 29: “Every time I see him he is wearing a mask. He could be speaking 200 feet away from me and he is wearing the biggest mask I have ever seen,” mocking Joe Biden for always wearing a mask.

Democrats say that Trump spoke too soon.

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