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Review: ‘The Bookshop on the Corner’ will warm your heart

The cover of "The Bookshop on the Corner." Photo from Goodreads.

When I picked up “The Bookshop on the Corner” by Jenny Colgan, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

As I started reading, my gut kept telling me that this book would continue to get better and better.

My gut was right.

The book tells the story of Nina Redmond, who is a matchmaker.

She is not the typical matchmaker that might come to your mind. Nina’s job is to match the right person with the right book.

Nina is so incredibly passionate about her job that when she loses her job, she wants to start a book truck so she can continue to match the right book with the right person.

She finds the perfect van in Scotland. Nina impulsively decides to go to Scotland to check out the van and decides she wants to stay.

At this point in the book, Nina has a fresh start in life. She has her perfect job back as she drives around selling the right books to the right reader. Nina feels at home in the town she stays in by the end of the book, and I couldn’t be gladder that she found her true home with a happy ending.

What didn’t make me glad was the romance in this book. I have never liked romance in books because it always came across as unnecessary and seemed to ruin the plot of the book it was in.

The romance in this book was an important part of the plot because it did keep the story moving forward and it did give Nina a partial sense of purpose. There are some parts that I wish were taken out. This is my only complaint about the book.

This story was happy and heartwarming overall. The world needs more Nina Redmonds, because stories are powerful, and that power needs to be respected.

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