The cover of "Where There's Smoke" by Sandra Brown. (Image courtesy of Grand Central Publishing)
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Review: ‘Where There’s Smoke’ is a fun, suspenseful read

“Where There’s Smoke” by Sandra Brown is engaging, suspenseful, and a wonderfully fun read.

“Where There’s Smoke” is about a doctor named Lara Mallory who decides to start up her medical practice in the small town of Eden Pass in Texas.

Lara’s return to the small town surprises everyone. Nobody can figure out why she made the choice to return to Eden Pass of all places.

The reason why is because Lara played a part in the ultimate downfall of Clark Tackett, a well-respected man in the town who was trying his best to head to the White House as a Senator.

Lara’s reputation is quickly ruined, and the Tackett family leader Jody Tackett tries her best to chase Lara out of town for good.

Jody Tackett is known for her fierce personality and running Tackett Oil, which is one of the biggest businesses in town. What everyone doesn’t know is that Lara has a very specific reason for returning to Eden Pass.

With the help of Key Tackett, the youngest Tackett son, Lara is able to get what she came for.

While the plot of the book was captivating and made me want to keep reading the whole way through, I did have some issues with this book.

Some parts of the story were unnecessarily repeated, and I didn’t like most of the characters. There was also too much romance in the book for my liking. It felt rushed and completely unnecessary.

Most characters were, in my opinion, unlikable, not developed enough, or just needed more time in the story.

I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I know I could have because I didn’t truly connect to any specific character. I still enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more of Sandra Brown’s books, but this is one area in which “Where There’s Smoke” fell short.