Photo by Rigoberto Pantaleon
LA River School

10th Anniversary of Pilot Schools

Pilot schools have been serving the communities and celebrated their 10th Anniversary at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools with other pilot schools.

According to the overview in the Office of School Design, pilot schools were created to be models of educational innovation and to serve as research and development sites for effective urban public schools. Being part of a pilot school means interacting with the teachers, students, staff and the environment in where you are assisting.

The event began with an amazing opening by the band, Ear Ringers. They were fantastic and the crowd was full of adrenaline. Their instruments were heard from a distance and the students wanted to hear more. Once they were done, the energy was exciting. The LA River students were placed in the front row, so we had a good view. The hosts of the night were incredible, we wondered if it was because they were students just like us. I was excited to have met them and taken a picture with them after the show.

Photo by Rigoberto Pantaleon

Each school presented an area of focus. Everything was well organized. Being a pilot school is great in many ways because it brings teachers and students together compared to having a big campus with more classes, yet not having the interaction with a teacher as closely.

Photo by Diana Santamaria

The presentations given by the students were a one of a kind. Some were emotional and relatable.

The auditorium was build with many lights which made the people on stage shine like a diamond. LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia gave a speech that stood out to us. It made us realize that anything we do, is for good. It is not bad to be different but the spark within is the one that ignites you to be noticeable.

It was an honor to have the opportunity to meet her and share with her how much we have learned at LA River High School. There is one word she told us to remember: “Pilot schools are EPIC!”

In that moment, we realized that we were in the right educational institution. The word “epic” does not only define adventures but for pilot schools, it means more than that. It stands for Equity, Persistence, Innovative and Collaborative.