LA River School

2015 CIF-LA Track and Field Finals

On May 21 and May 28, the CIF Track and Field Finals will be held at Cerritos College for the first time in history. For over 30 years, the City Section has had its preliminaries and finals at the most famous running school we know today, Birmingham High. This is going to be a totally new experiment for the coaches and especially the athletes that will be participating on this day.

The athletes will be able to feel a collegiate track, a field where the Masters League is held. As soon as you arrive this facility, you will feel the competitive vibe that travels the air. I have to say, being a part of this years CIF-LA Final is an honor due to what I have gone through in the past year.

On this day, the best will come out of every athlete. There is a chance that you will see sweat, blood, and tears. Tears of joy or tears of failing. Sweat that marks the dedication you give every day on the track. The sweat that marks your accomplishment you created. Blood from getting spiked, one of the most painful thing you will feel after the race.

History will be made on this day, city records will be broken, and personal best marks (PB) will be given. Those who attended this event know how crazy the fans react when the athletes are going head to head at the finish line.

The 2015 Track and Field CIF-LA City section Finals is a meet that you wished you didn’t miss.

–Alberto Venegas