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A Different Perspective: The State of the Union and Donald Trump

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, gave an annual message to America, the State of the Union, on Tuesday, January 30. He has done a lot in the past couple of months and the American people give him confidence to succeed in his goals.

He spoke about building a safe, strong and proud America. He thanked the people who volunteered their time and risked their lives in the disastrous events that have occurred in the past few months. From hurricanes, to fires, to school shootings, he honored these ordinary people who became heroes.

One of his guests, Ashlee Leppert, rescued 40 lives during Hurricane Harvey, and David Dahlberg rescued 60 children trapped at California Summer Camp. He showed them respect by applauding and taking the moment in appreciating them both for their work.

There has been a large tax cut that provides relief for the middle class as well to small businesses. President Trump said that we should be, “Together, as one team, one people and one American family.”

He also mentioned appointing judges who will interpret the Constitution and ending the “war” between energy and “clean” coal. Many car companies are expanding their businesses and building new plants. One of his many priorities  is to reduce the price of prescription drugs.

Progress has been made but there are also limitations. The list continues to expand in what President Trump hopes he can achieve as president.