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Allocating my Powerball winnings

If I were to win the lottery, I’d have to come with ways to split my money between my family. I’d set a limit on how much to give each person. For an example, I would buy people their necessities like a house or car first. I’d listen to investment ideas from my cousins and uncles. For myself, I would automatically buy a really big house and a motorcycle.

For my community, I would donate money to schools to better the youth’s education. I’d also donate to churches and small businesses in my neighborhood just to give back to the people. I would also endorse local soccer teams because my cousins and neighbors play soccer, and not all of them are able to get uniforms.

I think there should be a limit on how high the lottery goes so the extra money that is made after the limit is exceeded can be used to feed the poor, into public education and transportation, or into cleaning up the city. The fact that the lotto can go over a billion dollars makes me wonder what our government is actually doing to help the poor. Money can be used to create shelter homes or feed the homeless or used to create recreational parks.

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