LA River School

Alternative activities to do on prom night

Prom: the final dance for seniors before they graduate. Everyone looking the best they ever have, guys in a fancy tux that can cut paper and gals in the dress that outshines stars in the sky. If you want to go to prom then GO either with a date or with your friends, but it really doesn’t matter just GO!

If your friends aren’t able to go and/or you couldn’t gather up the courage to ask someone out, (like myself) don’t worry about it, it happens. If you don’t want to be the person that’s alone at prom, then consider alternatives.

An alternative to prom is go watch a movie or make it a “sleep catch-up” day. Just do something else, anything goes: sleeping, exercise, movie, shopping, Korean BBQ (personal favorite), or hang out with the friends that didn’t want to go to prom.

I didn’t go to prom. I was planning on going with my friends but the plan fell through, and none of them went and I was too shy to ask a girl out. My lady friends kept asking me to go but I knew they were taking their own dates. Third wheeling is worse than going alone in my own opinion, so I decided to just avoid the humiliation and stay home. Instead of prom, I went biking to Santa Monica Beach, down to Venice Beach then back home and I had a lot of fun just listening to the sound of the water and cool air.

Prom sounds fun, but what doesn’t sound fun is the amount of money you will be dropping for it. The ticket for prom alone is $100+ and that’s if you only buy one. Some people buy two tickets, one for them the other for their date (guys you should buy her ticket, make her feel special… Just saying).

What about the outfit? A tux can range from $100-350+ very easily and a dress can also you cost a pretty penny… And an arm. So if you think about it financially then prom night might not be worth it to you. Think about how much the memories with your date or friends mean to you before you go dropping some cash. If could have gone with my friends I would have 100% given that penny over… And my arm.

Prom. What a decision. Good luck to you if you are debating this as well now and the future.