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Ancient Martian rocks found in Greenland

Martian rocks have been found in Greenland that have evidence of Martian life and the idea of panspermia.

According to the article, “Fossil remains found in Greenland may point to evidence of life on Mars,” the rocks are said to be over 3.7 billion years old just before life was thought to begin on Earth. This time was also the Great Heavy Bombardment era, where asteroids and débris were thrown into the inner solar system by the switching of Neptune’s and Uranus’s orbits. Large asteroids would have struck Mars, shooting out Martian crust. Some of that crust made it to Earth, where it was to be found in Greenland.

According to a BBC article, “The Great Heavy Bombardment,” 3.7 billion years ago, Mars was a warmer and wetter planet with possibly had a thicker atmosphere and a great ocean on its northern hemisphere and wherever there is water, there is life. The rocks found with formations of sentiments in piles of bacteria, known as stromatolites. Scientists believe that these stromatolites have formed on Mars, before it lost its atmosphere. However, this is only speculation.

This could mean that live could have started on Mars and was brought to Earth, otherwise panspermia. Also this would be the first time humans discover a form of life on a world other than Earth and it would give us a better understanding of life on Earth and where we really come from.