LA River School

Assisting an ammendment

It is scary to know that many people are changing and do not realize what is going on around them. It is a good thing to commit yourselves to create a change.

If I continue to work this way through I will achieve my  accomplishment. It is a positive outcome to let yourself be heard.

If we do not love what we do, we have two choices, change what we are doing, or we can change what we love. In order to change all the disaster that have been created, I suggest we all claim our rights and lead the change. If we all create a  change, there will be great opportunities to listening to others concerns.

We all need to be heard so everyone out there who are shy has the opportunity to stand up and let them know they are not alone.We have to show that we aren’t  alone and that no matter what, we also have the chance to express what we feel and think.

Many would think this is probably the worst thing that has happen. Now, is this how we want to face our community? No, this community needs us to lift ourselves and know that we deserve to do something good.

We must rise and call out for integration.