LA River School

Be the change not the consequence

A change I can do to make myself better and the community after the election is to have a voice that will unite us all together and be heard so that people can take every single person who is being affected seriously. But I also feel like we should give Donald Trump a chance even after all the hate-mongering that was said.

Yes, there were a lot of negative comments that were about Muslims, having all Muslims register as a Muslim in the community that they live on and this is something that upsets me. I absolutely will not do that because it’s like registering as a sex offender so people know to stay away from the “bad person.”

I will make posters and join students protests so that I know I was heard to support this issue that needs to be fixed. My family probably won’t participate into this due to not wanting drama. However, I would urge them to participate and be a voice in the Muslim community.

Overall, I want to feel comfortable knowing that people won’t invade my privacy or assume things because I am Muslim. Having a voice for my community and myself will make me feel strong and known to others.