Marvel Studios' BLACK PANTHER. Photographed for Entertainment Weekly by Kwaku Alston.
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‘Black Panther’ Movie Review

With high expectations of “Black Panther,” the movie excelled with expressing African pride through the wardrobe, facial features, language and many more. Director Ryan Coogler perfected the culture of African pride and mixed it with a superhero type of vibe.

American actor Chadwick Boseman portrayed T’Challa in the movie, who is the son of T’Chaka and now takes on the role of king of Wakanda. Following up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Black Panther” takes place after the events of “Captain America: Civil War.”

Movie ticket from when I went to go see Black Panther

After the events of “Civil War,” T’Challa returns home back to Wakanda to claim the rightful role as king when suddenly a powerful foe emerges that puts T’Challa skills to the test and the fate of Wakanda and the world at risk.

The setting of Wakanda is very much futuristic but with a sense of African vibes mixed into it, such as the wardrobe people wore and the language spoken.

In the movie, Coogler pinpointed on tribes very similar to African tribes where the entire Wakanda nation is separated into different colonies and have their own ways of running things.

Actor Michael B. Jordan, plays Erik Killmonger, the main antagonist of the movie whose main quest is to take over Wakanda and make it his own. Coogler and Jordan have a very close relationship considering every movie Coogler directed and made. Jordan was always featured as the main character in each of his films so it is interesting to see him take the role as a villain in the movie.

Jordan’s character is unique to the film considering he has markings all over his body which represent each kill he has ever gotten. He’s more of anti-hero with a confused mind because all he desires is for his people to be on top of everyone instead of them looking down at them as just useless.

This is where the movie hits hard, not very much on slavery until the very end but you have to wait and find out on your own. With Marvel taking on an only African American cast, in my opinion I thought the movie was a success and I highly recommend seeing this movie if you like action packed films or just a big Marvel film.