LA River School

Change begins within our community and home

In the upcoming years, there will still be many problems in the world like discrimination, racism and war. The truth is, our world is better than it was decades ago.

This decade has been the most peaceful even with all the stuff we hear from the media. In the following decades things will get better.

By making matters better in the world, it starts with our community and our home. To help make the change happen, we as a people must not see race as a divider among people but as a one.

Everyone has their own self-cultures that are made from their own experiences. I want people to express themselves to who they really are and not hide it. We must not listen or care about ignorant people because that will divide society even more.

I am going to stop saying what “race” I am because race is not a real thing. Everyone has DNA from every race because all humans originally come from the same place. So, why say we are only one race when we are many?

It is time to stop putting labels on us and see ourselves as many things.