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College distance: How far is too far?

High school seniors are now going through their last months of high school where graduation day is around the corner and they get to move on to the next part of our life: college.

Should you stay close to home or adventure far away? Also, would it be better to commute or dorm? What would be better for you and your situation? There’s pros and cons to any decision you make.

If going far is something you want to do, the top four cons you may want to consider:

  1. Real food – Not microwaved
    Easy food that you can just pop in the microwave like top ramen can only hold you over for so long. When you get tired of eating that, substitute an actual meal with a granola bar. A bag of chips isn’t the best and can only hold you together for a few weeks until your craving system starts screaming for some homemade food made by Chef Boyar-Mom, rather than Chef Boyardee.
  2. Escape from campus
    Sometimes a college campus can get a little overwhelming and suffocating. Once you go to college, you do everything there all the time. You eat, study, go to class, hang out with friends, sleep; there’s no escaping the campus. Your entire life happens in the same area, and it might leave you feeling trapped especially if you are the time type of person who likes to have personal space every once in a while.
  3. Short holiday weekends
    Unfortunately you won’t get a week-long break for every national or religious holiday. Especially depending on what college you decide to go to. On those holidays like Easter and Labor Day, you will end up missing out on the yummy meals and family memories.
  4. No FOMO
    You’re going to miss not being able to see your family as much as there comes the fear of other things you miss. The thought of missing out on your little brother’s first home run or your cousin’s final dance recital can give you some serious FOMO (i.e. Fear of missing out). Especially if you are close to a family member.

Now, if you decide staying close to home is better for you than going far here are four pros:

  1. Real food – not microwaved
    Now when you are tired of that easy food that you can just pop in the microwave, there’s homemade food made by Chef Boyar-Mom, rather than Chef Boyardee. Isn’t as big of a problem when she’s right around the corner and meet up for a family night dinner
  2. Escape from campus
    When you decide it’s time to have a little personal space before it’s too much, you can go spend the weekend in your room and not worry about a thing. Even just a little afternoon nap in your own bed without any roommates bugging you before your next class might do the trick.
  3. Short holiday weekends
    Those holidays like Easter and Labor Day won’t be a hassle for you to stop by to visit the family for a little so you can enjoy the yummy meals and create more family memories.
  4. No FOMO
    This also makes it easier to be there for other little memories that take place while you’re in college. You’ll be able to see you brother hit his first home run or your cousin’s final dance recital so you don’t get any serious case FOMO. You can always be there for the once you are close to.

When it comes down to it, think what kind of person are you and how do you want your experience of college to be.

Are you a family person who needs to be there for everything and doesn’t want to miss out or are you happy with just seeing pictures and knowing they had fun even if you want to be there?

Are you going to need that stable support system of seeing familiar faces and being able to go home when you need encouragement or do you want to make new friends and experience new adventures without them?