LA River School

College Signing Day — Seniors of 2018

Four years ago, I would have never pictured this moment — the moment we as seniors announce our future plans on College Signing Day. The day we students of LA River and SOHDA declare our future plans we are about to embark upon how much we have grown, making decisions for ourselves and heading towards adulthood.

As I observed every senior go up on stage to declare their major and future plans, I saw doctors, engineers, teachers, scientists and much more. This day celebrates seniors on their struggles and victories by announcing their journey after high school. Traditions and rituals help establish the school’s identity and signal what a school values. With this event being a tradition of some schools, it should express the importance of College Signing Day.

Seniors attending Los Angeles River High School and School of History and Dramatic Arts declared their plans after high school on April 27. This event gives a sense of liberation when students acknowledge their next step in life.

College Signing Day is a next move towards adulthood and all the responsibilities that come along with it. This event is aiming at developing a strong college-going culture that normalizes the pursuit of education beyond high school. It is important to stress about the consideration and significance this event brings to not only seniors but freshmen, sophomores and juniors. This event does this by setting an example to students of the future opportunities and possibilities they can obtain if they continue to strive for greatness in their years of high school.

The importance to consider the significance of traditions in schools influencing and celebrating the successes of each student can only say so much of the impact it creates on every student. College Signing Day brings communities together to signal to students the true values and importance of attending college. This event transmits expectations to enroll and complete college. Most importantly it shares that value of of celebrating ALL students, not just star athletes and valedictorians.

During this event, Ms. Lemus, who is our amazing librarian and teacher of Los Angeles River High School, gave an influential speech on struggles and successes that I can say impacted every student in a positive manner. Ms Lemus starts off by saying, “Today is the day…today is supposed to be the day that you, class of 2018, tell the whole world… that you’re going to college after graduation; that you have a plan and you are going to stick to that plan.” After leaving the crowd intrigued, Ms Lemus ends her speech by saying, “…regret is like wearing a backpack filled with bricks that you can never take off…because you will need a backpack — to carry not the load of regret, but the lightness of your possibilities.”

We as seniors of both LA River and SOHDA, can now finally say, “We are going to…”