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Commentary: Manchester bomb shakes the world

On Monday, Ariana Grande hit the stage with a roaring crowd of “#Arianators” from all ages. It was a night many mothers and their young children had been waiting a long time to see. It was supposed to be the show of a lifetime and it was, but not for the reason they had expected.

As the concert ended and the crowd exited the stadium, a sudden drop of a bomb, set off by a suicide bomber, killed 22 people and injured more than 116 people leaving Manchester, England in pure chaos.

This bombing is reported to be a terrorist attack according to The Telegraph UK. The news has broken the heart of millions around the world and left many families without their loved ones.

Saffie Rose Roussos, 8, was one of the many young children killed. Roussos had gone to the concert in company of her older sister and mother.

It must be heart breaking as a parent and sibling to take your child or sister to a concert of her choice, and it to be a complete nightmare. In the wake of the tragedy, it is heartwarming when people from a different country to have sympathy and feel for others. For example, celebrities like Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion, Nicki Minaj, Drake and many more sent love to all those affected in Manchester.

Taylor Swift tweeted her condolences with “My thoughts, prayers and tears for all those affected by the Manchester tragedy tonight. I’m sending all my love.”

Even though the terrorists want us to be divided, the support and concern is proof that our world is not always so divided. Although this attack was done by a big bully, it is incredible that at the end of the day that there is still hope and unity, and the residents of Manchester will not be defeated by terrorism.