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Commentary: My thoughts on the Nintendo Switch press conference

The gaming world is an ever-changing, never-stopping industry on how to reinvent itself. Nintendo executives held a press conference on the upcoming Nintendo Switch console.

The conference, which took place in Tokyo on Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. PST, was streamed to many diehard Nintendo fans to be able to witness what their new console will bring to the table and how it can help change the gaming industry. Nintendo says their new console will not only be able to be played on the big screen, but also be able to be played on the go like a 2-in-1 console.

The new console will sport a 6.2-inch 1280 x 720 multi-touch capacitive screen. The console will ship with 32GB of internal storage, which will be able to be expanded with a microSDXC card, the console’s game cartridges will be similar to Nintendo’s 3DS game cartridges.

Since the Switch will be portable, Nintendo said the battery life can last for one to six hours depending on usage of the console.

The console does look like a tablet if you where to see it without it’s joy-cons. The Switch’s joy-cons, which are the new controllers for the console are special in their own way. They aren’t just any controllers because Nintendo managed to stuff the little controllers with awesome technology such as easy to use motion controls and what they call their “HD rumble,” which in short is an advance vibration feature built into the controllers.

When first hearing of the console, the question that kept asking popping up was how will the controllers work if you can play it at home and also take it with you on the go?  Nintendo finally answered the question when they showed off their controller, which can be separated from the console. To top it all off, the controller can be used as two controllers just by separating them from the ports. These are just some of the features and hardware Nintendo is bringing to the table.

Nintendo’s new console will retail for $299.99 in stores and online. Nintendo has stated that the new console will not be replacing the New 3DS upon released. The console will launch on March 3 worldwide.

Pre-orders have already began for the console, from retail stores like Gamestop to online stores like Amazon, and even Nintendo themselves.

Games were also announced for the console during the event. Some games to be excited for are “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” ”Xenoblade Chronicles 2,” and also “Fire Emblem Warriors.” These are just some of the consoles games to be excited for.

Let’s just hope Nintendo does not disappoints us with the Switch.