LA River School

Driverless cars coming soon

Going at a speed of 65 miles per hour and 12 inches away from other cars, doesn’t sound so good. Driverless cars are arriving a lot sooner than you think. Are they going to help us or cause destruction? They are not a good idea because the driver won’t have any privacy, you either kill or get killed and there is no sense of accomplishment for teenagers.

Driverless cars are like reporters because they want to know all your information. Didn’t you know that driverless cars will know your private information? Maybe a little too much. They will access your address, birthdate and every location you visit. They are also going to be able to have surveillance inside your car for safety reasons. Being watched every time your in your car doesn’t sound safe it actually sounds pretty scary. Now imagine the car controlling itself and it doesn’t seem to notice another car.

The idea of having automatic self driven vehicles is one of many bad ideas in humanity’s life time. The vehicle won’t be able to control a life or death situation the way we can. Robotic cars can’t control everything. If another car is coming toward them at full speed, the car won’t be able to maneuver its way out of that situation the way a human can. Self driving cars might not even be able to control their own speed in certain situations.

Will your car be able to keep you safe, or others safer and risk your life? In a video called “5 facts about driverless cars,” it says that the car won’t know whether to choose a family of 5 or yourself. In other words, if there is an accident the car won’t be able to make a decision in injuring the family or the driver. Therefore how will your teenage son or daughter learn to drive if there’s driverless cars.

Being a teenager mostly means growing up and being independent, but with driverless cars you can’t really do that. You won’t be able to gain your independence because you won’t be in control of your own car. Sitting around watching the world pass you by doesn’t give you a sense of accomplishment  and you won’t feel like a adult; you might as well sit in the backseat.

They are ruining our teenage lives by not allowing us to learn to drive on our own. Robotic cars are taking a huge milestone of our life. Self driving cars shouldn’t be the “next big thing.”