LA River School

Earth Day at the Getty House with Mayor Eric Garcetti

During Earth Day weekend, Mayor Eric Garcetti invited four LAUSD schools to the Getty House to propose ways to help create a more sustainable L.A. for future generations. The Mayor believes in a more sustainable L.A. and students are included in that conversation.

The invited schools were Bravo High School, Carson High School, Los Angeles River High School and Studio Middle School. Each school presented to a panel of judges what actions they take to make a more sustainable L.A. One of the main focuses was how young people could feel motivated and see that they are part of the change.

Studio Middle gave a presentation on why it was important to reduce food waste. Los Angeles River High (LARS) presented on their school’s working farm. They included in the plan how their program named “Earth Cycle,” contributes to the mayor’s vision of lasting sustainability.

Bravo High proposed water collectors on schools grounds to collect water and recycle it. By doing so, it would save tons of water.

Lastly, Carson High presented their “Garbology” which was similar to LARS’ “EarthCycle.” They focused on separating recyclables (trays and paper and plastic from lunches) from organic waste (burritos, etc.) from fruit waste.

Bravo High took first place winning $500 for their school. Each student on the winning team was awarded $40. Overall, everyone was a winner because we’re all working towards the same goal: working to construct a viable future for generations to come.