LA River School

End of high school can be a real drag

 The days of high school are nearing the end, and it makes me feel so stressed.  I don’t really feel like doing work because it is the end of the school year, and I have to study for the finals, plus I need to read two more books in a week because I got lazy. Another thing I have to do is to finish my orientation for college so I can go to the placement test which is going to be such a drag if I don’t do good. If I would have done more work I wouldn’t have been as worried as I am now. Also for my English class I have to turn in a worksheet I didn’t do which is 100 points.

To add to my problems, I have to go to the showcase which is probably going to take two hours out of my day which is going to ruin my study schedule for the finals. Another problem is that my parents are going to a trip but can’t go because I can’t go to the trip due to the studying I have to do to get a good grade on my finals. The thing that makes me more frustrated is that I am going to have to be devoted to this for a whole week which is so lame since I have to work harder in the last days of school and to top this whole problem off I got my stupid braces tightened which will only leave my diet consisting of noodles. No burgers, no chips, no cookies, no cereal and no cooked bagels with cream. What I have learned from all of this is to never leave things to the last minute because in the end every single thing is going to go at you like a tsunami. I don’t want to pass with a B, I want to pass with an A.