LA River School

Ending homelessness together

Homelessness has been such a big issue for such a long while now in Los Angeles.

There is about 82,000 estimated homeless in L.A., with 33-55 percent being female and 75 percent men. Last year there was a proposition on the ballot, Measure HHH, which a yes vote meant in favor of issuing $1.2-billion fund for the homeless, those at risk and providing other needs.

In November 2016, this proposition got 77.14% on a yes vote and 22.86% a no vote. Help is now available for many people who need it.

Information like this should be distributed to those that need this help. This is about people, people who don’t have homes and being in need of a shelter. It’s about knowing and discovering what people go through and starting to build a way of helping others.

This is something that occurs every day and everywhere. There are many reasons why people stay without homes such as addictions, they have no job and many other reasons you never know until you ask them.

The voters that said yes towards this proposition are expecting many changes towards this issue such seeing less homelessness around the areas and looking at the reduction of numbers of homelessness.