LA River School

EPT and EMT tests now in session

On April 22, all Cal State universities hosted the EMT and the EPT placement test to see where to place coming students. Depending on their scores, the universities will place students in classes based on their level in math and English.

It is a very important test in which thousands of students across the state take and find a spot, and it’s not always easy to get in. A student without their scores will have to take summer courses and the university will use those grades to place them in the classes.

The EPT is a 90-minute, high school English test of everything a student has learned throughout their high school career. The EMT is also a 90 minute, simple math test of algebra I/II and a bit of geometry.

With only a couple of days of review, anybody can find the test extremely easy. Every question can be solved with basic algebra or even common sense.

Isaias Garcia, a student at Los Angeles River High School, took the placement tests on Saturday and said, “I found the test easy because of the classes I am taking now helped me a lot.”

The next test is on May 6. The cost is $20 per test and there are still many students who must it. Placement testing takes place until September.

It is better to take a placement test as early has possible due to the fact that there are more spaces available and room for retakes.