LA River School

Everyone’s voice matters

A lot has happened in today’s world. For example, we elected a new president and most people are not happy with the president-elect. We as people now have to unite and become one.

I am speaking for myself. Now, I will do whatever it takes to get my voice heard in the correct way and have people unite with me if it’s possible. In order for me to become a better person I will stand up for my community when something needs to be done that I can help. For example, some members aren’t legal residents and I know they can’t go out and protest because that’s like a ticket out of the country. As a legal resident in this country, I will fight for all the families that are like mine! I will not let Hispanics go down.

In a community of whites, African Americans, Asians and Latinos, I will be the voice not just for Hispanics but my community and I will get my community to be aware of every situation, and make them count because every voice does matter.