Fear and anxiety take a toll on seniors as they await college admission decisions

High School can be the best years of your teen life, or the most stressful? With graduation approaching quickly, Los Angeles River High School seniors are finishing up applications and deadlines. Many have already been accepted to some Cal States, but others are eagerly waiting.

One senior in particular is quite anxious because she has yet to hear anything. Guadalupe Castellanos is a student with exemplary grades. Just earlier this week she was awarded with high honors.

Just like any high schooler, Castellanos has been waiting patiently for any news from all the Cal States she has applied to, including: Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Northridge. Castellanos has been watching all her peers get accepted to Cal State LA, yet she still hasn’t heard anything. She has started to lose hope in her future.

“Being a senior is very stressful, like college apps are the most stressful because you don’t know if you’ve gotten accepted until later in the year”, Castellanos said.

Then after a break down in the middle of class, Photovoltaics teacher, Ms. Arroyo, gave her hope. “Lupe you are a bright girl with an excellent [Grade Point Average], you are going to get accepted somewhere. It’s not the end of the world.”

When asked what she was worried about most, Castellanos said “That I won’t get accepted anywhere.” This is just one student. There are countless more experiencing a sense of failure.

To those thinking that a UC or Cal State are their only option, you always have the option of going to a community college. You get the same credits and classes in your first 2 years as you would in any other university, and for less money. People see community college as not a good option, but you can always transfer out to a four-year college.

“Do not leave everything last-minute because then stress will be your best friend”, says Castellanos to those who are still struggling with college applications.


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