LA River School

Fearsome Trek

Walking through a nice cut paved street with life everywhere, dogs walking, plants growing, waving hello with their paws and leaves. Lamp posts lighting the way, it seems so cheerful with people I know, holding their hands, and food, out to me. No worries on my mind. People encouraging me to do this and to do that, telling me what’s wrong and what’s right. What to do and not to do, controlling my life, better yet, caring about my life and about me. Suddenly, the street comes to an end…

From the light posts illuminating behind me, I can only see so far into this pitch-black void. The street is filled with cracks and holes and ripped up asphalt with figures standing huddled, waiting for what seems to be me, offering me this and that. I hear these new bizarre sounds, and I come to a stop, gulping what air I can, I’m nervous. I don’t know what or how to respond to this new strange encounter. Everyone behind me halts, as if they cannot pass this invisible barrier separating the pleasant side with the menacing side.

Forget it, I think to myself. They did the best they could taking care of me. It’s all up to me now, as I start to walk I see spotlights behind me brighten up the street. I pause to look back, raising my hand to block some of the light, and there I see my few friends and family smiling, waving back. Despite the fact they can’t come with me on this new fearsome trek, they still care about me and will always be there for me helping me along the way in whatever way possible. I’m not sure what I’m going to do after high school, and this is how I picture this experience, but as long as people who care about me help me out along the way, this encounter can never be too dark.

–Edgar Alvarez