LA River School

Giving back to those who’ve been there for me

The Powerball has been around for years and given millions of dollars away. Money that could be used for schools or free college for everyone. We can do so much with this money, but do so little with it. If I would have won the money, I would have split it in three ways: my family, my community and myself.

The reasons why I have picked these three groups is because in the 17 years that I have lived, everyone around me has had a hard time with money. My community is made up of my friends, school and others who have helped me through rough patches in my life. For myself, I would only use the money for college and buy my childhood home back but that is pretty much it for me.

Spending the money on my family would be having me bring my family from all over Mexico to the U.S. and help them have a better life. Another way I would spend the money on my family is to pay off their debts to other people. Then, I would save money  for my nieces’ college fund. My family has always been the kind of people who welcome everyone with open arms.

My community is where I grew up and who was there when no one else was. I would help out as much as I could in my community like opening up a daycare for low-income families. I have to split whatever money is left over because I would give half of it to two schools: Burbank Middle School in Highland Park, but mostly the magnet program, and LA River. I would give these two places money so they can buy new textbooks, updated computers and new school supplies. Not all children come to school with school supplies with paper or pen/pencils. So the money would be going to the school supplies to give the students those necessities.

The Powerball money is a lot to handle and not everyone wants to share it. There are people who would kill for this money and those who have killed people who they love for the money, but they are only hurting themselves.