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‘Hair’ — An Ecals and SoHDA Production

Photo courtesy of Angela Hong

Los Angeles — It was a Friday night on April 27, the sun had just began to set, emitting a sky of pink and orange; but in the Sotomayor multipurpose room, everything lit up like a firework. Lights, camera, action.

Hair, the musical revolves around the 1960 era of positivity and love, in other words known as the “Peace Movement.” In this play students throughout the Sotomayor campus dressed up as hippies, with flower crowns and all. The actors adapted a tone of satire to sing and speak on issues like racism, war, and injustice in the world. When walking into the MPR, you are greeted with posters that say “Make Love Not War” and “No More Silence, End Gun Violence.”

When seeing these posters, it brought me back to reality because in this exact moment we are at odds with each other and the world. For example, gun violence has been a reoccurring issue recently, and the advertising team at Sotomayor felt the need to address it whether it be with songs or painted posters.

Photo courtesy of Angela Hong

After the show I had the pleasure of interviewing actor Natalie Reyes, who played the role of Mary. She gave insight that the actors spent countless hours practicing lines, and movements. But she said with the hard work and dedication put into the production “it was very memorable to be apart of something real, raw, and true.”

Natalie went on to discuss the play and how it brought students together, much like how the “Peace Movement’s” underlying motive. Another important person I had the pleasure of interviewing was SoHDA’s theater teacher Mr Levine. Levine stated that “Part of the reason that I chose the musical was because these events were parallel to the time written and now.” Much like how there are many protests happening at this very moment, “Hair” the musical allowed students to bring to light how it is important to speak about topics you feel passionate about. 

In conclusion, the students sang in unison, and brought fire to the stage. And at the end of the night Sotomayor’s Production of Hair received a standing ovation.

Photo courtesy of Angela Hong
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