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“Hella Wavy: Los Angeles gets hit with a new wave of music”

Los Angeles- A upcoming rap group known by the name Shoreline Mafia is sweeping through the streets of L.A. Through their lyrics you can see that they rap that “trap music“. The rap group consists of four members Ohgeesy, Fenix Flexin, Master Kato, and Rob Vicious. They post most of their music on SoundCloud and have music videos posted on YouTube that have accumulated millions of views.

Shoreline’s hits are many. From ‘Musty’, ‘Bottle Service’, ‘Home Invasion’, ‘Nun Major’, and ‘Boofed Out’ they are exciting to listen to. The rap group recently came out with a mix tape called ‘Shoreline Do That Sh*t’. The mixtape brought in millions of views on SoundCloud with songs like ‘Spaceship’ and ‘Pack Em’. Through their music you can hear a new wave of music sweeping through L.A.

They recently performed at Rolling Loud alongside many famous artist such as Gucci Mane, SchoolBoy Q, and Future.

They were  featured on Fox News because of an alcohol-based drink and guns appearing in their music videos. Instead of getting backlash for their videos they got more viewers . They incorporated this into one of their songs called ‘Whass Da Deal’ with lyrics “Whats the deal/ is it sealed? What you smokin,’ boy you smokin’ on some kill?”

You can vibe to this music because they incorporate that L.A. flow that makes you want to hop out your seat and turn up.

SoundCloud rappers are starting to make a impact in the rap game with Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, SOB x RBE, and Lil Yachty. All of who started their careers through SoundCloud and are now mainstream. Now you have groups like Shoreline Mafia climbing their way up the ladder.