LA River School

High school has ‘all been bees and honey’

I want to address the title really quick. I’m not going to be talking about bees and honey. What I mean by that is that during the whole “high school experience,” there’s been many things and people who I’m glad I’m going to remember which is the honey and then there’s been a few instances that weren’t the best and those would be the bees.

Throughout the four years of coming to Los Angeles River School, I am 100% sure that I made the right choice of staying in this school. I did get an education, but that’s not what I am going to remember, it’s the people who you were around and those you see as friends.

The average time it takes me to get to school and back is about two hours on bus. What I’ve learned from taking the bus is that not everybody has basic social awareness and they have a story to tell. I had the chance to go to another school closer to me called Locke High School and that would’ve been way easier, but I decided not to and still glad I didn’t.

I go to a small school where the teachers know you personally, you know the rest of your class, and that’s not something that you can get at every school. I came to this school because I didn’t know what other high school to go to so I said why not and joined with a friend. The next year he went to a different school so he missed out, but I’m glad I stayed because I made friends with people I didn’t think I would.

In the end, it has been more honey than bees. I’ve had a great senior year and I’m graduating with people I have no problem calling my friends and brothers.