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High school parties aren’t worth the effort

Weekdays are for school. Friday nights, a kickback. Saturday nights, a party. Last but not least, Sundays are to recover. High schools parties are OK I suppose. You aren’t considered a high schooler if you haven’t gone to a kick back or high school party. But every party varies.

I didn’t start going to house parties until I was in 10th grade. I wasn’t into partying as a freshman or a middle schooler because I believed that I wasn’t mature enough. The truth behind these parties isn’t pretty at all.

As a student and teen that goes through this experience, I don’t understand how a parent allows their child to go to these events. The high school parties I’ve been to are full of drugs, alcohol, and “hooking up.” TV shows make these parties seem like it’s just one room, bright environment, a bowl of punch with snacks around and dancing. In reality it’s one house or backyard, a table full of beer and booze, no snacks, loud music and like four drunk girls dancing. These parties are far from innocent. Yes they’re full of smiles and laughter, but that’s only temporary, until the night deepens. Preparing for the night, girls take hours to get ready. They spend a long time to do their hair and makeup. They also go through a million outfit changes to end up only wearing very little clothing and not even caring about how the weather will be that night. All that work for nothing, because if they party hard enough they won’t look as presentable as they did when they arrived. All this to impress the boys that don’t notice your hair or makeup but the tight clothing you’re wearing. These boys prey upon these girls, slowly waiting for their chance to make a move and hopefully end up lucky that night. But the girls too, they want the attention and to receive those peeking looks.

A party usually starts with a minimum of 10 people playing beer pong while waiting for more people to show up. The music bumping hard and loud. As the people start showing up they bring cases and tanks and amount of liquor quickly begin to increase. As it becomes later, their conscience becomes absent. The music turns up, then down, up again, until it’s completely off due to a neighbor’s complaint and cop cars passing by. You hear people argue, lips smacking, and noz tanks yelling. I’ve seen freshman girls posing for a selfie with a blunt and beer in their hand to make them seem like they’re cool. I see guys puking on their friends and teasing them because they’re too gone to even realize what’s going on. You see long bathroom lines, cans on the floor and people touching, but no dancing. The scene reeks of alcohol and weed and, occasionally, cigarette smoke, but that’s rare honestly.

These types of parties are fun, not going to lie, but they’re not what you expect. Face reality and know the truth. Telling your parents that’s it’s going to be a simple dinner and dancing is nothing but lies. Attending these high school house parties does not make one cool or popular just because its all over social media and your Snapchat Stories. Who cares what’s in your hand, it’s not like you’ll get recognized for it. Everyone there is doing the same thing. A high school party is anything but innocent. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I get invited to a college party to fully understand want their hype is about.