LA River School

How I would invest my Powerball winnings

Everyone dreams about kicking back in a big house by a pool and having a good time. Unfortunately, not everyone has that type of luck. The Powerball has been stepping up their game in making someone like you win those $1.5 billion. Everyone has the hope they will be the lucky winner. In my perspective, I believe it’s all vanity because so many people wasting money and there will be only one winner. Also, when people have too much money, they want to feel superior to everyone else, and I believe money should not cause that effect. Although not everyone gets changed by money, some people do. If I had the chance to be the winner, it would change everything.

I would invest it in three categories: myself, my family and my community. First I would start with myself. What’s more important than your education? I would definitely save money for college. Especially at this time of year because I will soon be graduating from high school. Also, I would buy myself a car to drive to school. Second, my family. Everyone wants the best for their family and wants to keep them happy. I would buy my mom a house she has always dreamed. What better way to reward your own mother with something they have always wanted? My nephews would be second on my list. They always dream with having everything they see and want. I would make each one of them happy because looking at them smile and excited makes me happy. Last but not least my community. Our community is important because it’s where we live. Helping people around our community is always something that makes you feel good, well in my point of view. I would give money to my church because I believe churches are where money is more used to help our communities. Not only that but homeless shelters. It’s sad to see people in the streets hungry wanting a place to sleep. I believe that’s where most of the money should go to. The Powerball should also be doing something like that to help many homeless people have a home. I do see the cause of the Powerball and I’m not against it, but I believe it should be used in a better way.

All this news about the Powerball is making everyone go crazy in thinking what if they were the lucky winner. I believe they shouldn’t be giving that much money out instead just a portion of it. They should be using it for something better like companies that actually help our community and our world in general. But I believe everyone is free to try the Powerball if they like and at least dream they have the chance to win, nothing is truly impossible.

–Brenda Cruz