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How to survive high school

As a senior I have three tips to share with the incoming freshman or any underclassmen. First, be on time. Being on time to high school is really important no matter what. If you don’t bother going, if you’re there on time, you’re late, and if you’re there early you’re on time. Second, DO NOT procrastinate, that’s your worse enemy. Procrastination is huge in high school. You mean no harm but in reality you are only hurting yourself. Along with procrastination are excuses these two words are your worst enemies they can hurt you in the long run. And last but not least, DO YOUR BEST from the beginning.

If you start off strong, end it strong, don’t quit no matter how tough it gets. Always remember in the end it’s worth it no matter what. Always push yourself to do better. If you follow these three steps I assure you, you will survive and make everyone proud and prove everyone who doubted you wrong. Before I was even considered a senior, I went through some problems. While it was my first time going to high school as a freshman, I wasn’t really ready for high school and it’s not because my old school didn’t prepare me enough, but it was because I knew high school was going to be tough. The first high school that I went to as a freshman up until my sophomore year I never really had homework. So I got use to the system in my old school where all we had to worry about was our class work and our test grades.

Once I came into a new high school, I was introduced to having homework every day. And it’s no excuse to slack but it made me realize that learning how to adapt was a huge part of high school. If you didn’t know how to adapt to a new learning environment, you were going to have a hard time in high school.

Finally, the best thing you can do to avoid all these problems is just be on top of everything. Who cares what your friends say? Chances are they won’t be your friends later on. You have enough time to have fun in the future. I didn’t realize that until my senior year that I use to take school lightly and it messed me up. I would concentrate more on trying to have fun and less on getting my education. So take my advice when I say do your best because it might be hard work now but in the end it will be worth it. And you will have that feeling of accomplishment and that feeling is better than any other feeling you can if you don’t pay attention in school.

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