LA River School

If I won the Powerball

You shouldn’t but you do. You’re standing in front of the clerk in the food mart hoping to get lucky. Ten tickets, $20, instead of filling your tank in your car, you throw your money on a dream that will never happen. The Powerball is a gamble many people try and end unsuccessful. Some people buy a lot of tickets thinking that they will win, but are just blinded by the amount of money of the prize.

I knew I was not going to win. I actually never bought a ticket because of the low chance; that’s if there was a chance. If I won the Powerball, I would not spend up all the money. That would be completely idiotic. I would save one-third of the money in my bank account, that way I could use it whenever I need it. Another third of that money would go to a charity I have researched and found suitable enough so I could pay less for my taxes. The last third, I would give to my parents. Knowing how much they struggle to break sweat in a business that barely covers the bills. By sharing the reward with them, it would comfort me to know that they are in good hands and would give them more air to breathe in their business they call a shop.

To me, if you bet on the lottery you should play responsibly. Not throw all your money away on nothing. Those whom spend so much money on such a game are the real losers in society. Ignorant and not realistic, the people should behave more civilize. Gambling is okay, just as long as you only spend a little and don’t do it often, because too much can hurt you. Don’t kill yourself betting on a star in the twilight zone.