LA River School

I’m the change for myself and community

One concrete step I am going to take to better myself is to be more independent. I am independent, but not at the point where I can do everything on my own.

I have been dependent on others because I thought I couldn’t do it by myself. I need to learn that everything is possible and that I can do it.

My whole life is not going to be with people there to help me. I will be in times where I will be alone and do things on my own.

The change will really help me in the future because it will show that I’m a responsible and independent person. This will be a huge change for me, but I’m willing to take the challenge.

Little by little I will be more and more independent. One concrete step I am going to make is to make my community better by hosting events, games and workshops to gather everyone and to be able to work with people from different cultures and races. I have seen that many people don’t communicate with people from a different race. It’s wrong because deep down we are all the same.

I want my community to be able to work together no matter what race they are from. I will try my best to make this work. This is what I would like to change for myself and my community.