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LA River School

Is keeping kids against their will beneficial?

How would you feel as a teenager, with urges to escape school once the the bell rings, but can’t because your name is on a list for intervention? Well, at Los Angeles River High School, if you’re not doing your work then you are held against your will.

There is a new intervention plan to help students raise their Grade Point Average and complete missing assignments. Students who are not completing their work for classes are added to a school wide list that every teacher has access to.

The Intervention Plan makes it so that students from LA River School and School of History and Dramatic Arts can’t fail because they have to do their work whether they like it or not. While it feels like torture, there is a reason for the policy. One of the creators of the intervention plan feels like it is a good way to get students’ grades up.

“When kids are in the intervention, I think it depends on the kid, but for the most part I think they feel happy that we’re paying attention to them,” math coach Mr. Erlbaum said. “In the beginning they are frustrated to be there, but they see that they are getting their work done and they are getting something out of it and it helps them become successful in their classes. They enjoy it, and one of the surprises is that they do appreciate being in after school intervention.”

Not everyone is against the intervention plan. Junior Alejandra Garcia expressed her thoughts about the plan.

“The Intervention Plan is helpful because it helps you finish your work. Without the Intervention Plan I wouldn’t be able to get most of my work done,” Garcia said.

Even though students have to do work in the Multipurpose Room, the staff can’t hold them past 3:25 on Thursday or Friday. On Monday through Wednesday, they can only hold you for 10 minutes, unless your parent or guardian allows you to stay longer.

This plan is beneficial because it allows students to pass their classes by completing their work, even the teachers are there so they can get help from an assignment. The intervention plan helps students who are failing classes intervene early to avoid missing credits.

The Intervention Plan was created by the staff of LA River School. It was made because the teachers thought that they waited too long to support students who weren’t doing well in class. Without the Intervention Plan, students would do poorly in class due to bad work ethic.

We owe a lot to the counselors and teachers for helping us with our work so we can graduate with an exemplary GPA. And it seems like keeping kids against their will really is beneficial after all.