LA River School

It begins with ourselves

Donald Trump was elected as president on Nov. 8. As California being a democratic state, many schools in Northeast Los Angeles have been protesting and bringing awareness to our concerns.

Student held up posters stating “Trump Isn’t My President,”  “Racist America” and many chants. Some of these assemblies have become violent and hundreds have got arrested. I believe that violence does not get us anywhere.

In order for me to want to see change, I must implement my views into my daily life. I will care and respect for everyone whether I agree with their thoughts or not. I will also try to be open-minded, and try to understand why people feel the way they do. I will also not use language that may insult others. I want to live in a loving America and not a hateful one filled with racism.

It all starts with putting our prides aside and not fall for speech or actions that support intolerance.