Courtesy photo of Angela Hong, author.
LA River School

Koi ballet by Terri Kelly Moyer

Recently, my honors literature class had the pleasure of visiting the Autry Museum of the American West in Griffith Park. My class and I visited several exhibits but one painting stood out to me but Koi Ballet by Terri Kelly Moyers.

This piece by Terri Kelly Moyers caught my attention immediately when I stepped into a room full of paintings. To begin, this piece was beautifully painted from the bottom to the very top. The koi fish are painted with vibrant colors like orange, yellow, white, and black. Moyers did an amazing job at capturing a deep blue pond, as well as the detailed wave impacts that the fishes made from swimming.

This painting also caught my attention because many of my family members have koi fish, and they would always tell me that, “Even if the current is pushing against you, you have to keep swimming.” That basically means that as a person you can overcome any obstacle. These fish radiate power and peace and that is what they truly stand for. I feel that Moyers captured koi fish as they in their natural habitat which is difficult to do. You would have to spend hours analyzing these fish in order to truly be able to paint them.

As people we sometimes never truly take the time to admire life, to admire the small details. By visiting this museum, I was given the chance to look at a painting as a whole, and in detail. I was able to admire the time and effort this artist took to shade the water, or how this artist made this painting came alive. You can find this painting in a exhibit called Masters of American West. It was truly amazing to witness a painting done so beautifully with such ease and grace.