LA River School

Lady Wolves Season Starts Off Strong

Sotomayor Learning Academies—Softball is coming! The girls softball team at Sotomayor is ready for this season. Coach Amanda Guijarro and her girls are confident for this coming season.

“This season is gonna be better hands down!” Coach G said.

Last season the Lady Wolves won ten games. It was a good learning experience for them and their coach. Their improvements showed in every game, every home-run, every catch, and in every throw.

The team demonstrated determination. The Lady Wolves are excited and ready for the season to begin. Kimberly Aguilar, Sotomayor’s first base Junior Varsity player, had a marvelous first season.

It was her first year playing any sport and she doesn’t regret choosing softball.

“Although it was my first time ever in a sports team and was really nervous, I’m glad I chose to play this year,” Aguilar said.

Running up the LA River School stairs and batting away in the field, swinging at 45 mph, these girls dedicate themselves to improve and have fun in the sun as a group. Each girl trains individually if they must but when it comes to group practice they are all in it together.

Their first home game is on February 26 against Roosevelt and with their positive attitude, they are unstoppable.