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Los Angeles: Build homes not walls

On January 31, 2018 President Donald Trump said he would allow 1.8 million immigrants to stay in the United States and achieve full citizenship in 10 to 12 years only if he were to get 25 billion dollars for the wall and another 5 billion dollars for bordersecurity. The officials of the White House sent this proposal to the Congress on Monday.

Our president wants to build a wall that is expensive. Imagine how the immigrants feel, they come here to have a better life for themselves, their families and that’s all taken away just in a blink of an eye. Everyone should have equal opportunities in life, doesn’t matter if your an immigrant or not. United States is known for better opportunities for us and I believe immigrants should have the exact same purpose of why they come here. We are all still humans at the end of the day. Instead of building the wall, we can use the money for a good cause.

Trump wants to use the 25 billion dollars for the wall and the 5 billion dollars for the security for something that doesn’t have a purpose for us but only to him. We could use the money for a good cause. Homelessness is a big issue in Los Angeles. There’s roughly about 55,000 homeless people, and the numbers are only get bigger. Around the Los Angeles area including Glendale, Pasadena, and Long Beach there is a nearly 58,000 homeless people. To build shelter for homeless people it could cost taxpayersabout 10,051 per homeless person to have a permanent home. We can make a difference in their lives.

Let’s make a change in this world. Don’t build walls, build homes for the homeless. This problem is going to keep on growing until it gets out of hand and we won’t be able to find a way to fix it. We can change their lives for the better. It’s important to help the ones in need instead of building the wall.