LA River School

Making a change for Valentine’s Day

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

I’m pretty sure we all have that one friend who dislikes Valentine’s because of one reason or another. They say things like “Valentine’s Day is lame” or “I’m not dating anyone”. Maybe you are that type of person yourself. Well let me tell you something, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples.

There are different ways we can express friendly love towards someone. For example, your best friend, your parents or someone at a hospital or retirement homes where they can receive love. The elderly like to feel loved and with an act of appreciation you can make that day for them special. Kids at hospitals like to feel loved as well and with a box of chocolates or a teddy bear you can that little boy or girl smile. It doesn’t have to be necessarily someone you know or someone you have a relationship with. But instead, someone who may feel lonely themselves.

Not only do you make that person happy, but you feel good within yourself. Valentine’s Day is not just about love but about giving something very small as an act of kindness. We can make a change for someone who may feel abandoned in a retirement home or hospital as mentioned earlier. There are different kinds of forms to express love or gratitude to that one person who may feel less in society because of their condition.