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Mashed potatoes with bacon

Hello again ladies and gents, and welcome back to my cooking post. For this post I would like to show you how to make mashed potatoes with bacon, and helping us today is my friend “Rambo”. I chose mashed potatoes with bacon because the next major holiday coming up is thanksgiving (though it’s still some days away) and I wanted to focus on something besides the turkey or the ham.

Copy of potatoes


½ teaspoon of Salt

¼ teaspoon of Pepper

½ teaspoon of Salt

¼ teaspoon of Pepper

4 Bacon strips

¼ cup of olive

First thing you want to do is get your peeler and start peeling your potatoes. After you have peeled your potatoes, place them into a medium-sized pot and fill it half way up with water. You’re going to want to top it off with a led so the steam can help cook your potatoes. Make sure to check your potatoes every five minutes so as to not overcook them. They should be done after 15 minutes.

Next you should prepare a pan. First put ¼ cup of olive oil on your pan and set the temperature to nine or eight on your stove (the first and second dots if your stove uses them). Wait for the oil to get hot. While you wait, you can prepare your bacon. We will cut the bacon into smaller squares, make sure to use a clean surface (a cutting board would be a good choice) and make sure you use a clean knife as well, we don’t want you and your family getting sick. Cut the bacon from one end to the other, and then you will cut those individual pieces three times. Leave the bacon to the side for now and get your potatoes out of the pan (if they’re not soft leave them in for a little bit longer).

The potatoes will be done so now we are going to be mashing our potatoes. You can use a potato smasher (a metal spoon or a cup can also be used) to smash your potatoes. You well smash them until they are nice and puffy. Now back to the bacon. We are going to add them to the pan now and be careful when adding the bacon because the oil can jump at you. Make sure the bacon is nice and crispy when you take them out. When adding it to your smash potatoes, you’re going to want to sprinkle it evenly on to the mash. Then you are going to mix in the bacon while sprinkling any extra bacon you might have. Next you will add your ½ teaspoon of salt and your ¼ teaspoon of pepper. Mix it in well and your mashed potatoes with bacon are now complete.

Well this concludes today’s segment, I hope you and your family enjoy your mashed potatoes with bacon for thanksgiving and make sure to stop in next time for a new recipe by a new student.