LA River School

My message: Reform America’s relations

Dear future president,

The issue I would like you to improve is the way that America is seen abroad. We are known as one of the most powerful nations, but we are disliked by much of the world. Instead of treating our global partners with respect, we disregard them.

Most Middle Eastern countries like Pakistan or Lebanon no longer respect us, but fear us. An example is Slovenia, where 57% of residents disapprove of the president and government, even though Slovenia is a major ally in NATO. This distrust stems from the United States’ distrust of their economy. It’s time for Americans to demonstrate respect for others. It’s time for rebuilding relationships with the international community. U.S. foreign policy needs to empower the world for good.

Our misuse of power has made us powerless at this moment. Many people in the U.S. have died because places send terrorists to kill Americans. We have the highest defense budget ever, yet we are still at war. All of us have the power to change ourselves and the world for the better so that other countries will start to appreciate and trust the U.S.

Ashley Bronner

Los Angeles River High School

Los Angeles, Calif.