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Movie preview: The long-awaited end of ‘Resident Evil’

The long-awaited zombie thriller comes to theaters this Friday.

After waiting four years since “Retribution,” Milla Jovovich is back with her character, Alice, in what is the last stand of humanity and Alice’s fight for revenge in “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.”

Trailers indicate that the zombie action is going to pick up at Raccoon City.

The Umbrella Corporation is taking refuge. Alice will be facing old foes as the Hive also partakes in helping Alice attain revenge for herself and itself. Comebacks from previous films of the series such as Claire Redfield, played by Ali Carter, will be making entry in the movie. The film is full of many unexpected surprises.

The series is something that I’ve completely been focused on. Of course, I didn’t get to see it when the first movie came out in 2002. I was 3 at the time.

The story itself has been something of major interest. The genre itself brings excitement. I first became aware of it when I was about 10, at that time the movie was at its fourth installment. From then on, I’ve followed the series closely.

Hearing and seeing all the negative comments from other viewers has never been a concern to me. Fact is, I like what I like, not what people rate.

“Resident Evil” is a zombie movie that has taken the basic idea of zombie and created it with action. Instead of the classic groaning, and slow-paced walking, this film provides more suspense. Its story has taken on to game system.

The digital enhancement of series game has changed the way video games have been made. Therefore, creating a game experience that is to be remembered.