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My greatest high school experiences

The seniors at my school got to participate in a few really exciting field trips this year.  One trip was connected to our senior projects, and we visiting the Ovarian Psycos, an all-female bicycle collective in East LA.  Getting to know the Ovas was the best experience ever, we got to learn about the power that a woman has, and how strong we could be as a community. Everyone rode a bike, it was so much fun; but at the same time I was so tired, it had been a long time since I had last ridden a bike, it was like I went back to my childhood times where everything was so much fun. I think they’re a really good collective that knows the problem with this world and how man thinks they are above women. I wish I could ride with them again and their website is really cool too.

Another great field trip was to a Salvadoran play called “Placas.” I loved it, it was the greatest experience of my life thanks to my teacher, they talked the same way we Salvadorans do and showed us the reality of what’s happening over there, but at the same time it felt good listening to them. The way they talked it felt like I was over there with the family and old friends. But at the same time it made me cry because at the end the father died to save his son from gangs. He taught him that the life he chose doesn’t bring anything good, just a miserable life and you lose everything and everyone. I can relate to that, four years ago me and my dad lost someone because of a gangster from MS 13 and it’s horrible knowing you are not going to see them anymore. There is just an empty hole in your chest.

But it felt good that people enjoyed the play and thanks to my teacher I had a really good time there.

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