LA River School

My message: Don’t judge a book by its cover

Dear future president,

Judging its book by its cover is just as bad as hating on people just because of their skin color. Everyone should be treated equally and get along because we are all the same human beings with the same feet, heart, and liver. It’s just a difference of skin tone and no one should be picked on for that.

It’s also not by choice. Because of this problem, people now want to go bleach their skin. Racism has always been a problem, and it was once stopped maybe for a while but it’s just a topic that keeps coming back. What we need is some type of equality where people don’t have hatred towards each other. In order for that to happen, it all begins with you, future president.

It is horrible as getting to the point that you can’t even be in your front yard or simply talking to someone in public. So for this reason I ask to fight and work on making equality better.


Concepcion Garcia

Los Angeles River School

Los Angeles, Calif.