LA River School

My message: Female voices need to be heard

Dear future president,

I believe that every person on this earth, no matter where they come from should be given a chance in whatever workforce, education or path that they intend to succeed in.

As a multicultural young muslim woman, I am looked at differently because of the clothes I wear. Some view me as a terrorist due to the 9/11 attacks which has made it hard for me to have the job I have and speak my language in public. Women in Middle Eastern countries are often seen as small and lack significant input into the political process. There are traditional laws that need to be followed.

My family and I went to a restaurant, of course we were dressed traditionally which had others looking at us and things were being said. This made me feel uncomfortable and actually realize that people can not be open about a certain race or religion background. You as the president have power to help me and other women feel that they have the same advantages men do.

Women may wish to be part of the military and feel obstructed due to stereotypes and societal pressure. Us women are capable of overcoming the same obstacles as men and we should not be discriminated because of our gender. Female voices should and need to be heard.

Please make this dream come true to the millions of young women whose lives you will impact when you are in office.


Jasmin Brianna Gomez

Los Angeles River High School

Los Angeles, Calif.