LA River School

My message: Give colored people a better life

Dear future president,

Please do not forget about the vast number of Latinos who live in poor conditions.

I’m honored to live in a country where every race has a chance at the opportunity to make a better life, but lately, many Americans have been blinded by stereotypes and discrimination. Lately, this so-called “land of opportunity” has been turned into a “land of discrimination.”

As a proud Latino born in the United States, I am faced with daily financial problems probably as much as every minimum wage family does. Not only is it just us Latinos that get discriminated and stereotyped but it seems like it’s every race other than white folks that get targeted. Many non-colored people think of us colored people as “job stealers,” “farmers” and “terrorists” but in all truth, we colored people take the jobs that Americans do not take.

Colored people come to this great nation of ours for a shot at a greater life, but in reality are faced with financial and discrimination problems. I, for one, have experienced this first hand. My father, a Mexican, as hardworking as they come, has to deal with these problems daily. My family has been walking a thin line financially for almost a decade. Multiple times we have almost gotten kicked out of our home. You, as the president, have the power and authority to make every colored person’s life greater.


Robert Anthony Garate-Osuna

Los Angeles River High School

Los Angeles, Calif.